5 Reasons to Repair a Broken Phone Instead of Buying a New One

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Broken phones need not remain broken nor end up in the trash. Simply purchasing a new phone in place of your damaged device would be throwing away good money, especially when issues are minor and can easily be fixed by an online mobile repair service. In an age when gadgets are dispensable, does it really make sense to hold onto a broken device for a chance at restoring their function or are you better off buying a new phone? Here are the reasons why Samsung mobile phone repairs make for a more practical solution for a broken phone:

1) Repairs can save you money. New phone purchases can be expensive. While phone prices tend to drop quickly due to constant supply, you probably wouldn’t settle for anything less than the latest model, which often comes at a premium. While repairs are not inexpensive, they oftentimes make more sense than shelling out huge sums—especially when the damage is minor and can be remedied with simple servicing.

2) The repair is likely covered by your warranty. Phones are sold under quality guarantees and service warranties. This entitles you to free repairs and sometimes even replacements, as long as you meet the conditions of the policy.

3) Repairs help you maximize the value of your phone purchase and the value of the product itself. In addition to getting the most life out of your device, you also get to utilize its full value, which goes well beyond its selling price. A product’s real value takes into account the amount of work that goes into its design and manufacture, and even its transport and marketing.

4) Taking your broken phone for repair also helps support local repair shops, which give jobs to skilled technicians.

5) Finally, repairs help you reduce your carbon footprint by preventing your old phone from getting junked, utilizing its full value as a product, and reducing the demand for new products, which contributes greatly to the depletion of the earth’s natural and environmental resources.

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