5 Ways to Fix The iPhone Overheating Issue

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A constantly overheating iPhone is certainly a cause for concern. You might feel it getting hot while it’s in use, or it might feel hotter than usual during and after charging. In some cases, it may start getting hot while idle in your pocket or in your purse. There are many different causes for overheating, and knowing these can help you find the right solution and do your own troubleshooting before you consider bringing your device to a reliable shop that offers iPhone repair in the UK. Here’s a list of the five common causes of overheating and how you can fix them:

  1. Lack of ventilation – Smartphones are like mini PCs that can overheat when they are working hard. However, unlike laptops and desktop computers, they do not have their own cooling systems or onboard fans. Using a non-breathable case or placing your phone in a poorly ventilated space like your purse or pocket can insulate and trap the heat. To prevent this, give your iPhone some room to breathe. Avoid leaving it under direct sunlight or near heat sources, and make sure it is in an airy and open place when not in use. Consider removing it from the case, too.

  2. Battery problem – The heat that comes from your device is usually caused by the battery when it is subject to heavy use or when it is charging. If your phone tends to get too hot while charging, try positioning it face-down to allow backside ventilation. If this does not fix the issue, turn it off and unplug it, wait for it to cool down, and try charging it again. If the issue persists, bring your phone to Repair Chimp for dependable iPhone 8 repair (or any other iPhone model). We have technicians that can diagnose the issue and provide the best solution at a reasonable cost.

  3. Using a non-Apple charger – Sometimes, you have no choice but to use a different charger for your smartphone, especially when you forget to bring your own. Warning: Using a non-official Apple charger may cause overheating. In worst cases, it may even result to damage. Consider getting a second Apple charger.
  4. Using a defective charger – Overheating can sometimes be caused by a faulty charger that has frayed wires or has been damaged. Stop using the charger and get an official Apple charger to see if the problem persists. A low-quality charger can damage your device.

  5. Applications running in the background – Check the apps that you have added recently to see if any of them are draining the battery by continuously running even when you’re not using them. You can revoke their app permissions to prevent them from doing that.

If you have tried all solutions and the phone still overheats, consider backing up your data and doing a factory reset. If this still doesn’t help, it’s time to find a good provider of iPhone repair online. You can’t go wrong with Repair Chimp. Contact us today. 

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