How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

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It’s only natural for you to take your smartphone everywhere especially if you use it to take pictures, record videos, stay in touch, and pass the time. However, this means exposing your device to certain situations that could risk its safety—including water damage. There’s no telling when you might accidentally drop your smartphone in the toilet, a puddle, wet snow, in the pool or any natural body of water. You might forget to take your phone out of your pocket before jumping into the water or putting your clothes in the laundry. A dog can even slobber all over it. The threat of water damage is everywhere, and it is one of the most common reasons why people seek online mobile repair.

Regardless of the reason for the water damage, here’s one thing to remember: Never use your smartphone or charge it when it is wet. Even if you think it has dried up, the insides could still be wet.

When your phone gets in contact with any form of liquid, remove it from the water as quickly as you can, and then remove the battery. You should find a white indicator near the battery in some phones—it should turn red or pink if water damage is present. In that case, you can do your own troubleshooting or water damage repair by placing the phone in an absorbent material (like a bowl of uncooked rice) overnight. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure that it is not too close to your device. In some cases, you could use rubbing alcohol to clean your phone if it has not been in the water for too long.

If your smartphone’s battery is non-removable type, don’t panic. Just remove the memory card and SIM card, as well as other accessories that may still be plugged or connected to the device. Gently dry the smartphone with an absorbent towel while being careful not to push any buttons, as this could make the water go further inside the device to damage the circuits. Avoid shaking the phone or moving it around too much. Do not use a hairdryer, as this can also push water deeper into the device.

It is better to seek professional water damage repair from a qualified smartphone repair center like Repair Chimp. Avoid attempting to fix your smartphone yourself, as this could result in further damage. Repair Chimp is a dependable online mobile repair specialist that can safely fix your water-damaged smartphone.

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