Mobile Manners – Smartphone Etiquette Around the World

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Smartphones are great devices that help connect users to the rest of the world. However, despite all the ways in which these pieces of technology unify the people of the world, different nationalities still use phones and smart devices in wildly distinct ways across many different contexts. While there are certain customs that can be considered universal when it comes to using phones, each culture dictates unique ways in which to showcase phone etiquette across the globe. Whether you are arranging business dealings with a partner from abroad or seeking out online mobile repair outside of the home, here are some unique phone etiquette you should learn about when communicating with people from all over the world:

  1. It was in the United States where the telephone was first invented and the word “hello” was coined as the universal phone greeting. Apart from greeting callers with a friendly “hello” when answering the phone, there are no strict etiquette rules nor any taboo on answering phone calls in the United States (except maybe when accepting calls inside of churches, theaters, and more formal settings like fine dining restaurants). You probably won’t get the same annoying stares as you would in other countries when answering your phone in a public space in the US.

  2. In the UK, however, it is considered poor manners to cut-off in-person, face-to-face communication or conversation in order to answer a ringing mobile phone or perhaps start texting another person. Eating during a phone conversation or showcasing signs of distraction while on the phone may likewise come off as rude to the person you are conversing with.

  3. In Brazil, locals tend to greet callers with an “Alo,” followed by “Who’s talking?” or “Who’s on the line?” regardless of who initiated the call. Brazilians may likewise find it rude if you don’t answer a phone call.

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