Terms and Conditions

These terms will apply to any contract between us for the provision of services by us to you. Please read these terms carefully and make sure that you understand, before ordering any service from us. Before entering into a contract with us, you will be asked if you accept our terms, failing to accept you will not be able to order any services from us.

If you wish to retain a copy of these terms, you can either refer to our Terms and conditions section on the website or print a copy for your records.


  1. Repair Chimp company is based at the registered office of 223 Belgrave Gate, Leicester, LE1 3HT.
  2. You can contact us by calling and speaking to Customer Services on 01162767054 or by emailing [email protected]


  1. Repair Chimp will use your personal information that you provide to us to:
    • Provide the Repair Services.
    • Enable Repair Chimp to contact you regarding your repair.
    • Process your payment where required.
    • Inform you about the products and services we provide.
  2. Repair Chimp will only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, you can ask for information stopped being sent to you at anytime by contacting us on the relevant details in (1.1 and 1.2)


  1. These are the terms and conditions on which Repair Chimp will supply a repair service to you.
    We will only deal directly with the person named on the order, or if you have the consent of the consumer to deal with us on the repair carried out by Repair Chimp.
  2. Where you wish to place an order on our website.
  3. Our sites guide you through the steps needed to be taken to place an order for our Repairs. Repair Chimp’s order process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order to us. Please take time to read and check your order before you submit your order.
  4. After you have placed an order, and your order has been accepted when we will email order confirmation to you, at this point a contract comes into existence between us and these Terms will become binding on you and Repair Chimp.
  5. If you place an order, by telephone, email or in person, you agree that the order is then a repair and then these terms will become binding between you and Repair Chimp.


By placing an order with Repair chimp, you:

  1. Authorise and consent to us performing a Repair Service on your device.
  2. Acknowledge that while our technicians are trained, we are not an authorised service provider for any manufacturer of any brands, and we have no affiliation with and device manufacturer.
  3. Agree that any data or information that you have stored on the device, will remain your responsibility and Repair Chimp accepts no liability for loss, deletion, or corruption of such a data. We therefore highly recommend you back up your device, prior to sending in for repair.
  4. Agree that you are responsible for removing any SIM and memory card(s) from the device, also doing a backup of your data. Repair Chimp will not accept any liability for any data loss, deletion or corruption of data.
  5. Repairs carried out by Repair Chimp may void the manufacturers warranty, we will not accept liability if any warranty is lost if you send the device to us for repair, so please check with the manufactures warranties before sending the device to Repair Chimp.
  6. It is your responsibility to inform us the condition of the device before sending to us, we will do a check-in diagnosis of the device and if this is different to what has been mentioned, then additional fees may apply, which we will notify you before any repairs are taken out.
  7. If the Repair Service involved repairs to waterproof devices, we cannot guarantee the device will remain waterproof following completion of the Repair Service.


  1. Our turnaround times for the repairs that are provided by Repair Chimp, although we aim to perform the repair in the specified time, this may be subject to change through events out of our control, this maybe due to waiting for ordered parts to arrive. In our times outlined these are only approximate timings and we will not be liable for compensation as a result of late delivery.
  2. When your device is returned to you, this must be examined and if you believe that your item is damaged, not repaired or there are further faults then this must be actioned within 48 hours of receipt of your item. Anything passed this time Repair Chimp will not be held liable if your device is damaged faulty on arrival. This will not affect your statutory rights, or any of your other rights under our Terms.
  3. All our items are returned to you tracked next day DHL courier service, this will exclude Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday deliveries.
  4. When sending your item to Repair Chimp, please make sure all SIM, memory cards and full back up of your item is complete and that your item is securely packaged, as well as tracked postage. Repair Chimp will not be held responsible for the device arriving to us damaged or if the item is lost in transit, this will be the shipper’s full responsibility.


At Repair Chimp we offer a No Fix-No fee policy towards our Repairs, so if we can’t repair your item, then you won’t need to pay a charge for the repair, this doesn’t however apply to:

  1. Repair Chimps service include diagnostic service, where a fee will be paid regardless of the outcome.
  2. Liquid Damage repairs, we will endeavour to repair your device with liquid damage, but there is no guarantee or success, this will not be covered in the No Fix- No Fee.
  3. Also, if your item has multiple repairs and we can fix one out of the two then the one we couldn’t repair would be covered under the No Fix- No Fee, all other repairs would require full payment.
  4. Where our No Fix- No Fee applies, we at Repair Chimp will refund all moneys already paid by you to us, less the postage costs of return the device to you.


  1. The prices that are quoted to you are subject to the information provided by you at initial enquiry, on receipt of your item Repair Chimp will fully inspect your device, if the original quote that was given to you by us maybe subject to change upon inspection of the device and we find additional faults on the device.
  2. Repair Chimp will always contact the consumer and notify them of additional faults and send the new quotation for the repair, this is then the consumers choice whether to repair the additional faults, but Repair Chimp will not be held reliable for the performance of the device.
  3. If the quotation given to you by Repair Chimp is not accepted by yourself and the repair cannot go ahead then we will return the item to you and refund the moneys already paid by yourselves minus the shipping fee, if the quotation is authorised by yourself then full payment will be required before the repair work is carried our by our Technicians.


All our repairs are covered by a 12-month parts and labour, the warranty does not apply to diagnostic service and liquid damage repairs.  All our warranties do have exceptions to the warranty period as listed:

  1. We will cover any parts replaced by Repair Chimp that have defects, or don’t work as intended or designed following the repair.
  2. Parts that are purchased by Repair Chimp, will be covered under the warranty period, parts supplied by the consumer will not be covered under the warranty as we can’t guarantee the quality of the parts.
  3. Parts are covered for 12 months from the first date of repair, if for any reason they must be returned under warranty then warranty period doesn’t start again form that date, it will still be from the original first date of repair.

What our warranty doesn’t cover:

  1. Mishandling of the device that causes subsequent damage to it.
  2. Water or any other liquid damage.
  3. Damage or fault resulted from attempted repair by the customer or any other third-party repairer.
  4. Software issues, which are not related to the repair or any damage from viruses.
  5. Water proof devices as we cannot guarantee the device will remain waterproof after our repair.
  6. Any loss of Data that may occur during our repair.
  7. Our warranty is non-transferable and is only valid for the device repaired by Repair Chimp and the original customer. It is not covered if it sold or given to another person.


  1. Repair Chimp will except liability if through our negligence damage any equipment beyond economical repair, that we replace the unit with a replacement that is the same or like the product.
  2. Any data or information stored on the device, will remain the consumer responsibility. We will not accept any liability for loss or corruption of data.
  3. Repair Chimp will not be liable under any circumstances for any indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of or in connection with this agreement, i: e any loss of business, revenue, goodwill or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage arising.


  1. Repair Chimp will not be liable to you for any delay, or failure of performance of our obligations under this agreement arising from any reason beyond our control.
  2. This contract is between you and Repair Chimp, no other person will have any rights to enforce any of its terms.
  3. The agreement cannot be amended or modified except in writing signed by Repair Chimp and you.
  4. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.